"iPhone Songs"

by Sean Danger

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All songs were recorded on an Iphone mic


released January 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Sean Smith Philadelphia

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Track Name: Young And In Love (Single)
You're young
in love
with yourself
and some girl named mary
that you grew up from
down the street
why don't you just tell her

to fuck off
and leave you alone

she might not respond
so kindly to that

why don't you
get on your horse and ride?

get on your horse and ride… on

counting the the times
you spent drinking
calling her up
and she won't listen
to a fucking word you say

calling you crazy

I'll take the car
and you can come with me
to the first drive in made
in the United States
it's in New Jersey

Why don't you?
Take a drive

I'll give you my coat
open the door
buy the popcorn

Why don't you
just let me off the hook


Oh noo…….

He just barely

didn't even know what he had


Barely even know what he had

we don't kiss ass
we don't play games
we don't tell anybody anything
that we don't need
we say Ha
put on a hard face
and play guitar

But we will stay in the gutter til we die
and drink the whiskey til' we cry
and then call up old friends

Because the letters are so….
Old fashioned

And I will listen to a record
and read book
and talk about the letters
that I see in them
Grammar doesn't mean shit today

I could lie
and I'll just have to
smoke and drink
the whiskey
think about the city growing
won't stop growing

But I have love
own ashtray
a six string guitar
and ukulele

those poor Education cry

and why we

Watch the world pass them by

just watch the world pass us by

stick to the marriages that we want baby

and My grandfather lives
in me just like a lion
will completely feed off the……

Run Run Run Dog…..